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 In 2014, we have rescued 95 cats and adopted out 84 cats and have spayed/neutered over 350 cats in our area!  We are proud to serve our community and save the lives of its animals. The video below tells the history and operation of Catman2.  It begins with a treasure hunt searching to find a secret place that all cats would love hidden somewhere deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  As a plane flies over the landscape, a narrator tells the history of Catman2.  Finally, this feline paradise is found and you are taken on a tour of the shelter and learn more about its operation.  Like what you see?  Your support is desperately needed!  You can make a secure donation to support our kitties here or find others ways to help here!





Kevin and the Bullies is a short musical video based on our books about Kevin the Vampire Cat.  The video below is a preview only. It is a short presentation that teaches young children (Pre-school & K-2) why they should not be(come) bullies. With a catchy tune and colorful illustrations it is both entertaining and educational and a “must have” tool for all who work with young children. DONATE $20 or more and you can request a copy of the DVD for yourself, or for a teacher you know. Copies available in our store



Harold Sims, President of Catman2 Inc., and author of the Kevin Trilogy has put his talents together to produce a musical video, aimed at preventing young children from becoming bullies. By relating the actions of a cat in his shelter, and much of his own imagination, Harold weaves a tale about Kevin, who befriends new cats coming in the shelter door and teaches them the ways of shelter life. Later on, Kevin is bullied by some of the same cats he had once embraced. But Kevin, not wanting to become a bully himself and fight them back, forgives each and every nasty attack and tells the bullies that we can’t help it, that we all differ in some strange ways and that we must end this helter-skelter and get along in this small shelter. In the end, the cats all agree that Kevin is right. Bullying is absurd. He tames the bullies one and all and fellowship and love once again fill the hall. Lyrics by Harold Sims, Colorful Illustrations by Artist, Linda Richardson, and a Catchy Tune by Grammy Winning Musician Arthur Stead, and Talented Songwriter Leslie Stead, make this production an educational tool with a melody that will resonate in your mind for days.

Now you don’t need to buy a copy. Preview the DVD then donate $20.00 or more to Catman2 Inc. and we will ship you, or anyone you wish, a FREE copy of this video, with Teachers Guide. Pick a person you know who will help young children not to grow up to be bullies. Go to our website: for instructions and place an order. Skip the Speech that follows the preview. Now it’s Free! HELP CATMAN2 SAVE CATS, AND PREVENT YOUNG CHILDREN FROM BECOMING BULLIES. IT’S A TWO FOR ONE GIFT.

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Nadine post-operationWe were so blessed to be able to help several cats this year who were knocking on death’s door.

Your donations help ensure that when possible, we can give another injured cat a fighting chance. Will you help them? We have made it easier than ever to help the shelter prosper, so please donate today!